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We make data beautiful using infographics, animations and interactive dashboards.

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Nimbus Studio is the design company within CoreData, a global market research consultancy

We work with CoreData Research and Anubis to provide our clients with research visualisations that convey meaning and create impact.

  • Anubis segments the market data
  • CoreData Research discovers the insights
  • Nimbus makes these insights beautiful
  • Our clients make data driven decisions
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Our infographics elevate your business's impact by transforming complex data into visually appealing, digestible content, captivating audiences and driving engagement.

  • Simplify Complex Information
  • Create Accessible Content
  • Enhance Data Communication
a visualisation of an infographic whitepaper


Use our animations to breathe life into your data. Captivate your audience, enhance understanding, and make your data truly memorable.

  • Improved data exploration
  • Share your insights across your socials
  • Tell the story of your data
an animatation of dancing social media logos

Interactive Dashboards

Transform your data into actionable insights with interactive dashboards. Gain real-time visibility, analyse trends, and make informed decisions effortlessly.

  • Real-Time insights
  • Customisable views
  • Interactive data exploration
an animation of an interactive dashboard

About Nimbus Studio

Want to get to know us? Have a read through our FAQs or contact us at

How do I get in touch?
To get in touch with our design studio, you can reach out to Iñigo, our design operations lead at

Lay out the specifics and we'll review your project to get back to you swiftly. Expect us to listen attentively, ask key of questions and provide expert insights. Our aim is to collaborate openly, align with your goals and deliver exceptional tailored results.

Products and Services?
Beyond crafting infographics, animations, and interactive dashboards, our repertoire extends to design audits and product design consulting, drawing from a market research perspective. Our approach is based on the Research Through Design method, distilled into a competitive timeline to meet industry standards and provide the deep understanding available from our data-driven foundation.

Market research?
Nimbus is a design studio, however, we work closely with the rest of the CoreData Group who offer services in market intelligence, business intelligence, customer intelligence and customer engagement. For more on this, contact Iñigo, our design operations lead at or visit CoreData Research

Who's on the team?
Nimbus and the CoreData Group have a tight knit team of creatives and researchers ready to make your data beautiful. We also collaborate with trusted freelancers; specialists who support the team adhoc.
Name Role LinkedIn
Andrew Inwood Founder 📘
Sam Hall Founder 📘
Iñigo Rudio Design Operations Lead 📘
Joshua Elnar Senior Graphic Designer 📘
Rommel Zabala Senior Graphic Designer 📘
Mark (Chesa) Montesa Graphic Designer 📘
Jonard Manuel Graphic Designer
Tom Mitchell-Taverner Anubis Lead 📘

Career Opportunities?
Nimbus Studio offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities for individuals passionate about data storytelling and technology. We provide avenues for talented professionals in fields such as animation, visual graphic design, product design, and data science. If you're interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to Iñigo, our design operations lead at

Make Data Beautiful

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